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InstantWebHost.com is a premium .com web hosting domain name. It contains excellent (generic) keywords and is easy to say, type and remember!

What does that mean?

When someone is looking for web hosting, they search for it! And, when they search, they use generic terms like instant web hosting, fast web hosting for my personal website, low cost website hosting or something similar.

Some people even type www.instantwebhost.com right into their web browser thinking "there must be web hosting here." It's the perfect domain for it! (You may have found your way here by doing just that!)

This is a one-only premium domain name that will drive new customers to your web hosting company!

There are at least 3 ways to utilize an amazing web hosting (.com) domain name like this! 1) Use it to introduce new clients to who you are, along with an easy way to contact you. A mini web hosting site essentially. 2) Use it to re-direct traffic and new clients to your main web hosting portal! And 3) Set-up and brand your web hosting business on this premium domain!

Every website needs a web host! If you are a large or small web host, a web design firm, domain name registrar or a savvy domain name investor, feel free to give me a call, or send me an e-mail for more information about this incredible web hosting domain.

This is one of the best instant web hosting (generic keyword) domains on the "virtual planet!"

What is web hosting anyway?

You've built a website, and now you want the world to see it! A web hosting company ensures that your website is "hosted online" where the world can see it. Web hosting can be cheap, it can be expensive. It can have lots of extra features or it can be fairly "simple." Whichever hosting service, company or features you choose, when you "get hosted," you're officially online!

A few examples of popular web hosts:

hostgator.com and hostpapa.ca are popular web hosting companies.

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